Video - Presentation Of Gallery Exibitions

Gallery Exhibitions

The gallery exhibition is the third fitted department in the museum of wine. It is the space where the artists exhibit their work of art and where they have an opportunity to display videos with a different content. In this moment there is an exhibition for photographs of old Demir Kapija, display of the oldest moments in Demir Kapija recorded with a camera. The exhibition is titled as timeline or Demir Kapija through the old photography. It is a journey through the history of Demir Kapija recorded through photographs starting from the late 19 th century through the presentation of the first “otpravnik”of a train – (a person that regulates the entry and the exit of the trains from the station); on the first football; stud horse farm “lipecaneri” (world famous race Slavonic horses, brought up in Lipica, Slovenia) in the economy; the inscription of the German Emperor Wilhelm 2 of 1916 year; the cultural artistic society Mirka Ginova Demir Kapija and other. The museum and the municipality of Demir Kapija in a joint project made ​​the first video material for Demir Kapija where with images and text is given a complete overview of Demir Kapija with its location; nature; climate; primary industries; natural rarities; archaeological sites and other . . , – with one word the beauty of Demir Kapija, its mysticism, culture and tradition.