Department For Presentation, Preservation And Protection Of The Natural Heritage

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Since March 2013, a department for presentation, preservation and protection of the natural heritage began operating in the museum of Demir Kapija.
The presentation of “Demirkapiskoto” natural heritage in the museum, now is made only with the literature we have: books, monographs, determiners (“keys”) for identification of species of birds, printed study, elaboration, studies related to the natural heritage of Demir Kapija and others. We have several TV science – popular movies (such as: “Demir Kapija” on TV Belgrade from 1990, “Beloglaviot sup” on MTV from 1991 and others). These TV movies can be seen in the hall as a video presentation at the museum.

We are preparing a natural – scientific setting (with emphasis on the birds) in one of the premises of the museum.
The presentation of “Demirkapiskoto” natural heritage is performed in the field, in the beautiful landscape where the interested tourists, explorers, nature lovers, students, observers of the birds can enjoy a wonderful and rich world of the nature of Demir Kapija. These activities are performed in small areas, something that Demir Kapija is famous for, since long time ago. For the observation of the birds, especially birds of prey/raptor, we provide technical support with binoculars and quality telescope (from 30h – 60h ) and a tripod.

The activities related to the preservation and protection of the natural heritage are diverse and very complex:
– we follow and study the legislation about the nature;
– we communicate by letters, requests and, – suggestions with the relevant State institutions;
– we monitor the experience and best practices from the world in order to apply them locally;
– we elaborate plans and strategies for environmentally sustainable tourism in our community/municipality;
– we interact with various interested parties: hunters, ranchers, farmers, woodman and so – we interact and collaborate with experts and NGO`s from our country and abroad;
– we monitor the situation and the development of -the nature, -of the -threats and the problems and seek solutions for greater conservation and protection of our natural heritage.