Church St. Virgin Mary

The church St. Virgin Mary is constructed in 1931. It is built in place where, – before the earthquake with epicenter in the village Pirava Valandovo, a church dedicated to St. Atanasie existed. It is not a surprise – that the new church is dedicated to Virgin Mary, because on the place of the early-christian basilica from the first half of the 14th century, a church dedicated of St. Virgin Mary was restored. Before the end of 14 century this church has been destroyed by the Turks. In 1937, the Church St. Virgin Mary in – Demir Kapija was used in a religious service within a requiem dedicated to the late King Aleksandar II Karadjordjevic. The Queen Mary attended the opening. The architect of this building is Aleksandar Deroko, he projected this church as well as the great temple of Oplenec. The church is often mentioned as a small Oplenec.