wine Gallery

The most representative part of the museum of wine in Demir Kapija represents the pedestal for wine where are exposed the exhibits –  various ethnological objects and everything alse which is historical and typological connect with the wine. The objects are organized according to specific units –  depending on the purpose for what  they are used. This wine exhibition is a  result of  a  long tradition of grape growing and wine production –  originated from the pure ecological environment of the Tikvesh area, where in the south part is located Demir Kapija. Here exists an exceptionally favorable condition for this activity.

Therefore, this are the reasons why in the region of Demir Kapija exist more wineries which with its wines found their place in our museum. The exhibits in the wine gallery are  proof for  the long tradition of consuming wine –  starting with the basic tools for farming the plough and the plow; baskets for carrying grapes;  winepress for grinding grapes;  winepress for  squeezeeing  un-ermented wine;  upon various cups from grid  hand-made crystal; glass-cups; jug for water and wine putiri – (is a liturgical vesselwhich is used to bring gifts – wine and water to Proskomidija, and the believers received the Holy Communion.);   different types of bottles;  flask;  champagne sets;  silver filigree holders for negus;  trays with motifs of grapevine and others, –  which with its shape and construction are unique by its craftsmanship in the field of arts and crafts.

It is said that the wine is a drink of the gods.  It has a strong role of mediator –  which warm up the soulcauses a sense of pleasure and beauty. Therefore, even the ancient Romans invented many sayings such as IN VINO VERITAS (in wine is the truth), VINUM LAC SENUM (the wine is milk for the eldersand many others who to this day are confirmed by its importance in people’s lives…..