Vila Marija

As the experts from France and Austria in 1928 found, the Serbian king Aleksandar Karadjordjevic decided to build a winery and vine plantations with grapevines in Demir Kapija. He entrusted the project for this property to the royal architect Aleksandar Deroko. Originally a family villa was not designated on this property, but at the request of Queen Mary the construction of the villa was initiated. The construction started in 1931 and, the workshop for ceramic products from Vrsac, Republic of Serbia, gives two cariatide – (pillar in the form of a female figure), – with height of 2.80 m as a gift for the villa. In 1941, the the cariatides – (pillar in the form of a female figure) – are buried for protection of devastate or robbery on the insistence of the manager. In the 60s with a deep plowing they are found and placed in front of the villa. The royal properties are in utilization from 1931 when the foundations of the church of St. Virgin Mary are laid down. The property encompassed the winery with accompanying facilities, and at a distance of 2 km stable for horses “lipecaneri” (world famous race Slavonic horses, brought up in Lipica, Slovenia)- was built. In 2001, on a the proposal of Mr. Zvonimir Budimirovich, adviser to the Mayor for Culture and Cultural Heritage, the municipal council takes a decision to put the property under the protection of the Republic of Macedonia. The building has its owners, the company Elenovi. Based on the project of the Institute for Protection of Monuments of Culture of Republic of Macedonia, it is restored and allowed for utilization. Today, it is one of the most attractive offers for wine tourism in the municipality of Demir Kapij and the Republic of Macedonia.