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White-head vulture


White-head  Vulture - Griffon Vulture - Gyps fulvus




The White-head Vulture is the largest bird of 148 species of  birds present in Demir Kapija and the environment. It has a wingspan of over 2.5 m (up to 2.8 m) and a weight of 6-11 kg.

The White-head Vulture is a remarkable great navigator:,- it  navigates excellent in  large spaces and long distances during its flight.  It is a very effective flyer which skillfully uses the wind and  the air heat with little wasted energy flying over a huge distances. The White-head Vulture is a social bird species,  lives in groups or colonies - on the hard available rocks. The nests made of dried branches, moss and so, are made on the stone terraces in a small stone caves. The couple White- head Vultures has only one egg - young during a season.  The season begins in winter (December/January), when the wedding flights starts, - the carrying nest material and the pairing.

In August, the young make its first flights after beginning its training in flying and looking for food along with their parents.
The colony of
White-head Vultures in Demir Kapija for the  last 3-4 years have a total of 16-22 birds.  6-8  pairs of them successfully raise 4-6 young this years. The main problems for their survival in the Republic of Macedonia are  the lack of food, the  poisoning, the harassment and the lack of any kind of concern from the society (the State).
It can be noted  that only  the municipality of Demir Kapija shows some faith, support and a cooperation in the fight to save the disappearance of these useful for all, wood-pasionatlly and beautiful birds, - in the pasfew years.


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