• Hidria

Short – Toed Eagle/Eagle for Snake


Eagle for Snake - Short - toed eagle - Circaetus galicus



It has a wingspan of 190 cm. Its  flight when hunting is very typical and spectacular for observation.  Over  the hunting area it "stops"  in place  and starts trembling with the wings, with its sharp vision fixing some kind of prey-food,  starts to descend straight down to the ground like a parachute, slowly and quietly. It eats snakes and lizards.  An adult bird hunts annually more than 150 snakes, even venomous. In  Demir Kapija 5-7 pairs are nesting and this would mean that every year they reduce the populations of snakes with 2-3 thousandThe Eagle for Snake  incubates  only one egg. It makes nests in the crown of short  trees and shrubs. It spends the winters in Africa.

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