• Hidria

Archaeological Exhibition

The archaeological exhibition in the museum of wine abound with wonderful finds of   pottery – various barrels with utilitarian meaning – amphorae,  , (table and for transport);  pots   , plates ,  ,  jugs for  water and      wine , pitchers for water and wine , , cups  from various periods;  to large pitosi - vessel entrenchment in the ground which served to store cereals and so. This presents an establishment and affirmation for the entire human existence followed by the material culture of the local population who lived here in the past.  The ceramic lamps "lucerni"  decorated with different motives , small spindle vessels – ungventariumi as a burial items;  coins and jewelry once again tell us that Demir Kapija and the entire this  region has always represented  a very important destination for the traders and the craftsmen,  for  the miners and the occasional travelers, the indigenous, the  newcomers and the conquerors. The urns from the period of late Bronze Age  both beauties with its painting and manufactureoccupy a very important place in the whole exhibition. They are original after its manufacture  and  the drawing  derivative over it. Their use as – burial items for storing the ashes of the deceased,  witness for the trend of burying the deceased with burning observed in all nations of that period, south and east from us. The concept of playful and symmetrically placed artifacts speaks to the high level of esthetics and sense of interior design to the area, and apart of the artifacts only fills the image of uniqueness and originality of shaping to this hole exhibition.      



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