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The inauguration of the Museum of Wine in Demir Kapija was officially made by the Mayor of the Municipality in the presence of senior officials of the state institutions, officials of the foreign embassies and local citizens on 07.11.2010 year. This museum is the only one of its kind in the Republic of Macedonia, one of 5 in Europe and 12 in the world. The museum celebrates wine,  culture, and the reason for the existence of wine. 

Demir Kapija is part of the area Tikvesh where agriculture is the main source of income for the population - especially the cultivation of grapes and wine production. The grapes produced in Demir Kapija are of excellent quality because there are no polluting industries nearby.  The vineyards are irrigated with pure water flowing from three rivers, the Boshava, Doshnica and Vardar. As a result, several wineries are located in this micro-vine region and their superb wines have found their way into the European markets.The museum is comprised of three departments: archeology, wine gallery and an historical gallery for exhibitions and presentations.  Artifacts in the museum reflect the history of Demir Kapija to the present.  There are also exhibits which display the rich tradition of the wine culture as seen through numerous representations of Dionysus - the God of Wine and bahanaliite (multiday festivities and orgies in honor of Bach, the god of wine), on an assortment of cups and antique vessels for mixing wine which originate from the Demir Kapija area.  Archeological finds also include tools for farming the land and other items.

The richly colored dark wine from this “Kratoshijata” Region existed since ancient times.  One wine in particular called “Akrato” was drunk by Alexander the Great and his army.  The power and special beauty of wine as a mediator for the goodwill of the soul is immortalized by numerous Latin phrases; VINA DANT ANIMOS - wine gives goodwill, VINO INTRANTE FORAS SUBITO SAPIENTIA VADIT – when the wine enters mind immediately turns off, IN VINO VERITAS - in the wine is the truth, VINUM LAK SENUM – wine is milk for elders, POST VINUM VERBA POST IMREM HERBA – after wine words are born after the rain the grass grows. Here in Demir Kapija the central event is the feast of the Saint Trifun 14th of February  patron of the wine-grower and the vintner, in the presence of priests, wine and with zakrojuvanje”  (cut branch of the vine)  vineyard activities begin.


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