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Collaboration, strategy and initiatives

The museum of wine realized collaboration with a number of institutions – primary wineries, for the short time of its existence. Actually the museum of wine is marketing facility for the wine producers from the Tikvesh region,  because it presents a real finale in the promotion of the production of the wine. With the the royal winery Villa Maria, the winery Stobi, Tikvesh, Popova Kula and from the small wineries Bovin, Kapija and the winery Filevski is established close cooperation.

The museum of wine in Demir Kapija actively cooperate with the Agency for Support and Development of the Tourism of the Republic of Macedonia; the board of trade of the municipality Florina - Rrepublic of  Greece;  with the Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Serbia;  CENET - the European project - wine route;  Hotam” – Hotel Tourist Association of the Republic of Macedonia;  Department of Culture of the municipality Dolgopol -  Republic of Bulgaria;  the museums from Republic of  Macedonia and the foreign countries; tour operators, media and others.  It has one interesting fact that the presentation of our museum has been rerun over 50 times on the national television Channel 5, which is as an absolute record when it comes to coverage of any kind of electronic medium.

The museum in its development strategy has outlined three more departments which will complete its internal content. It is planned opening of the department of natural rarities with an emphasis on ornithology, ethnological exhibition - Macedonian room and establishment of the underground part of the museum into the gallery for wine-tasting.  This will serve for the promotion of the wineries in the Republic of Macedonia.

Our initiatives has a tendency toward greater collaboration with the museums with a similar nature in Europe and beyond, collaboration with a scientific institutions and drafting compatible publications and other.  A part of the priorities in the strategy of the work of our museum are the organization of an archaeological camp with the world universities; active participation in all events of the field of wine culture; and participation in the project implementation of the agricultural tourism; participation in the implementation of the conceptual projects such as the restoration of the railway station in Demir Kapija by setting the steam locomotive and wagon from the past; the restoration of the peeper-plan; the wathermill; forge workshop; the meteorological station; the post office; the opening of the cave Bela Voda and the exploring of the cave Goren Zmejove;,  archaeological localit;  the exploring of the ancient city Stenae; the restoration of the medieval city Prosek; the restoration of the mausoleum in the village Barovo.

Also the natural rarities – the crevasse in Demir Kapija; the valley of the sycamore maple trees in the village Iberli; the valley of the cactus in village Klisura;  the valley of Lina-Tisa as  and the protection of  the white-headed eagle and the black walnut are activities which stands highly on the list of priorities of our institution.

In the initiatives of the museum are also and the protection of  the characteristic architectural structure,  religious objects, bridges and natural scenery ….   


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