Golden Eagle

Golden Eagle - golden eagle - aquila chriysaetos

It is a big, elegant and superior raptor. Its wingspan is more than two meters (the female up to 2.3 meters) and weighs 4-6 kg. The female is noticeably larger than the male. The adult birds on their head and upper neck have beautiful yellow – brown color, so they are called Golden Eagle. They make their nests on the rocks and rarely up in the trees. They incubate one to three eggs, usually two. Commonly they are fed with turtles, snakes, small foxes, martens, weasels, rabbits, rodents, crows, pigeons and so. They also eat corpses in winter when their main food can-not be found. In the sliding flight it – reaches speed of up to 190 km per hour. When it starts its swooping flight with the wings assembled, it reaches speed of up to 320 km per hour, which is the speed of the Gray Falcon. Its hunting usually starts early in the morning before sunrise, and the golden eagle is back in its nest in the twilight. Its average length of life is 25-30 years.
In cage this bird lives up to 46 years. In Demir Kapija in the period 2010-2011, 2-3 pairs of Golden Eagles have been registered.